Monday, February 1, 2010

Ballard Blast

Recently, my friend bj and I had a wonderful time playing in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle.  I have to confess that I have lived in the suburbs of Seattle for nearly 13 years and I haven’t been keeping up with how hip certain neighborhoods have become.  But I have loved Ballard Avenue with its’ amazing shops for a long time.  It was huge fun to discover new ones, and visit my favorites like Curtis Steiner’s Souvenir . These dreamy blue bottles displaying jewelry just made my heart beat a little faster.

Curtis graciously let me take his picture.
Vintage game tiles surrounded this display case.  He is a master of the vignette.

These necklaces were perfection.

Local artist, Patty Grazini created these incredible paper shoes.

Curtis fashioned these window display mannequins with grand hair-dos and attire.  He is so supremely talented!

Lunch was at the Puerto Rican restaurant, La Isla.  Tasty, tasty, tasty!

Another wonderful shop we visited was Tableau.

These burlap bottomed branches were great.

Faux candleholders.

I covet this sophisticated loveseat.

And then I started clothes shopping at Horseshoe and my picture taking went to the wayside.  We had met the owner, Jill, when we did the fall Sand Point Antiques Market.  Unfortunately, she was out of town that day, but lucky for me, her clothes stayed behind.  More coveting ensued, and I left with a swingy new skirt!


Debi Ward Kennedy said...

And that skirt just looked fabulous on you, Miss Beth! {You're such a swinger!} Thanks for coming by to say hello at Sand Point on Sunday - it's always fun to hear about your exploits!

Sophia's said...

Hi there! Had to leave a comment on your Ballard posting! My family and I were just in Seattle (from Spokane) last weekend and visited the Ballard district ourselves and I just blogged about it too (! My mom also blogged about it at It's the first time I've ever been there and fell in love with the wonderful shops. Unfortunetly, I didn't get to go into as many as I wanted because we had to get back to Spokane, but I've decided that have to start making more trips over there!

Love your blog!


Cindy Pestka said...

I completely agree that Curtis Steiner can create a vignette like no other artist. I was lucky enough to see his exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum several years ago...a sort of Cabinet of Curiosities...that completely captivated me.

I'm putting a roadtrip to Ballard at the top of my short list of things to do this winter.

Ormolulu said...

Beth, wonderful pics of Curtis' shop--he IS amazing!! Good to see you and Lisa at Sand Point . . . fun on the other side of things, eh?!

Good luck at the Home & Garden Show--go girl!!