Saturday, February 6, 2010

Neighbor Lisa's House

I was so happy when my neighborhood Lisa moved into our little cul de sac.
She and I share a love of decorating our homes. Plus she and her family are supremely nice! Our styles are similar in some ways, and different in others. I really admire her decorating sense, and love seeing what's new her way. This eye-catching array is what greets you in her foyer.
A lovely arrangement in her living room.
She created this stunning vignette on the other side of her living room.
Such a pleasing mantel composition.
And the final wall in her captivating living room.
Now we are in the dining room. Lisa's sense of scale is dramatic and so darn tasteful.

Even her laundry room is quite attractive. She is fearless with paint, and with touches of black.
I fell in love with this lamp! And ordered one through her wonderful shop, Elegant Clutter, in Mill Creek. So even though you don't live in our cul de sac, you can see more of Lisa's decorating style there.
In the master bedroom is this leopard chair, which used to live at our house in my studio. With all our downsizing, I had it in our garage waiting for the next garage sale. Lisa spied it and bought it on the spot. I am so happy the chair has such a classy new home, and I can still visit it now and again. -- Beth


paisley penguin said...

Love that chair! I once heard ain interview with a designer say she always tried to put a little leopard in to every room.

arrielle_p said...

Very beautiful and stylish model of inspiration house decor. The house decor and style makes it more unique. :)

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