Sunday, December 27, 2009

Lovely La Conner Visit

We filled up our two cars with our visiting family members and headed to La Conner on Saturday. The sun was out, so the drive north was especially scenic.

I really was looking forward to visiting Hutch – Krys Kirkpatrick’s latest artistic vision. I loved it! The business tag line is “A Home for Ideas to Grow”.

We found sophisticated vignettes of hand crafted art along with vintage props for sale. It is so thoughtfully and creatively arranged. I also enjoyed visiting with Chris, the store director, very much. I’ll let the pictures give you an idea of what is to be found there.

We admired the swell baby clothes and items next door at Bunnies by the Bay. Another business venture Krys and her sister have grown. Here is a picture of my daughter-in-law Casey with baby Claire in the stroller, and Burly the pug hitching a ride.

Lunch was at Seeds. Yum. Everyone gobbled up the tasty food there.
On a walk along other parts of Morris Street, we popped into Mary Davis Vintage Lighting. What an amazing collection of restored and repurposed lighting! From crystal chandeliers to light fixtures incorporating funnels or antique phonograph horns for their shades. Mercury glass pendants, unique handmade paper shades and handsome mica shades all caught my eye. I’ll be shopping here when we get moved into our next home.

Plus we got to see the fields of snow geese filling up the fields in the Skagit Valley. It was a tiptop day. -- Beth


Debi Ward Kennedy said...

Oh, those are some of my very favorite places to visit! Looks like a great time was had by all... aren't we lucky to have such charming locales to take family & friends to?! (Did you stop by Christianson's Nursery, too? just lovely!)

Deb @ Retreat

Carole said...

Looks fun!

Sammy Girl said...

oh my! I LOVE the vintage lighting store! Reminds me that I NEED ... errr, .... WANT to get up there to see all the lovelies in person!
Thanks so much for reminding me of those wonderful places!
Happy (almost) New Years!
Betty :)

Suz said...

What a great shopping trip! I love stopping be here.