Monday, December 21, 2009

Lovely View of My Garage

I am so excited! I got my car in the garage, alongside my husband’s car this week. I think it has been five years since we have had two cars in our three car garage. (It’s no coincidence, that I started rescuing good junk in 2004.) This accomplishment feels great! -- Beth


Debi Ward Kennedy said...

LOL Having actually SEEN your garage in it's previous state, I'd say this is a bonafide miracle!!! Congratulations!

(And definitely NOT something anyone will ever see at our place.... We have never kept our cars in the garage! It's ALWAYS been a shop!)

Deb @ Retreat

Deb said...

Congratulations!!! What a task you've accomplished! Surely Santa ought to leave you something extra for all this hard work!!!

Cindy Pestka said...

Wowza! As someone who was lucky enough to "shop" in your garage, I am impressed with how efficiently you "rotated your merchandise"! Where did everything go?????

Shell said...

Congrats Beth! I may have a similar reward (parking in the garage) in the near future!

My big goal is to get my Craft room "awe" worthy this next year! The only one I've allowed "down" there since I moved in and gave up my other space was Jana,,,,only because I know she's as ADD/artsy/disheveled as I AM.....but I want to make it fun to visit and create in,,,,,even if it IS in the "bowels" of the 100yo house!!
Cheers to new spaces and new venues! (Merry Christmas my dear and a happy and Creative New Year!)

AND,,,,we really must meet other than through Blogs this year,,come to Snohomish and I'll buy you breakfast or lunch!!! My Treat!!!

marcus said...
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Barn House said...

Looks like you will be heading into 2010 with a clean slate! Congrats!!

Artsy Fartsy Junkin Finds said...

You lucky dog you!! I am jealous. I have always been able to park in the garage, the only parking in there is by the Junk and my husbands boat! Blessings for a wonderful Christmas! Hugs, Janna

paris parfait said...

Must be a relief! Happy holidays to you and your family.

Roxie Magnus said...

Congratulations, Beth! That garage looks pretty neat! Spacious, too, since it's a three-car garage. Well, anyway, it doesn't matter how big the garage is. As long as the driver is comfortable parking the car, and it's secured, then you're good to go.

Roxie Magnus