Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sunday Sail

Instead of spending my Sunday at a sale (or show or market), I did the other kind - sailing! As a rule, we try to focus our blog on businessy topics.

But one of the major premises of our business plan is family first, and incorporating fun as much as possible!

Here I am with two of my cousins. We have been close for 57 years, which says a lot. We shared a grandma and grandpa who adored their eleven grandchildren. All of us adored them right back. They lived on Meydenbauer Bay in Bellevue in a tiny house on the water. We shared magical times there and with each other.

Marie took us out on Lake Washington on her beautiful 36 foot sailboat. She looks absolutely in her element.

My cousin Anne helped with some of the sailing chores. I have a sturdy case of vertigo, so my job was to not lose my balance and fall off the boat. I did bring one of the tastiest pasta salads I have made in a while. Thanks to reading what Alicia's (Posie Gets Cozy) favorite potluck recipe is, I had great success with this.

My husband, Raoul, turned out to be a natural sailor. Here is Jerry keeping track as Raoul guides us under the highest part of the floating bridge.

Raoul looks like he was in his element too!

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Barn House said...

We are J-E-A-L-O-U-S! You are doing exactly what we should be doing. Next year for sure!! :o)