Friday, August 7, 2009

Bike Works

Recently we did a blog posting about a really handy website called Donate Seattle. After reading through all the listings of worthwhile charities that would like donated bikes, I chose Bike Works. The tagline on their business card reads: “Building sustainable communities by educating youth and promoting bicycling”. It was easy to find in the Columbia City neighborhood of Seattle. Check their business hours before you head down there, as they vary somewhat.

I was delighted when I saw their cheerful looking shop. The sign on the side is spelled with bike reflectors!

The front of the building sports wonderful mosaics, including this bike wheel by the front door.

And in case my sons are reading this blog entry, here is a last look at one of your bikes, which will be put to good use soon.


Mrs. Wright said...

Your post on Bike Works grabbed my attention...long ago I opened a gift boutique in 1990 and a year later a tea room in columbia city! Many moons later Bike Works opened and my oldest daughter took the first class they offered. It is a wonderful organization...Thank you for sharing it and encouraging others to donate. My husband was the Principal of the elementary school across the street and he delighted in the stories and smiles the children gained through participating at Bike Works.

junkermidge said...

I love their sign made from bike reflectors. Clever. And the mosaics, too. Great concept.

Bakelite Gal said...

So cheerful, it just makes you want to go into the shop, even if you don't have a bike :-)