Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Come Junk with Timi!

Our friend Timi is a genius! She has a brilliant idea called Come Junk With Us. Her first junk junket is September 12. Timi has chartered a bus for 22 lucky vintage-loving souls to travel south to the Barn House Fall Harvest Sale – their end of the season extravaganza. Joe and Jermonne are providing a lovely lunch for this select group, and having been the grateful guests at one of their parties – we know the Barn House Boys are very gracious and generous hosts. Plus a tour of their home will also be included!!! Other stops of the day will include Vintage Gatherings and Auntie Tam’s.

Salvage Studio is proud to be a sponsor of Come Junk With Us. We have donated a door prize which will be offered along with other prizes, goodies and snacks provided during this junkers’ heaven of a day.

Please check out Timi’s website for more info. She has a future trip planned to the Funky Junk Sisters Oct. 23 & 24 show in Puyallup. Then watch out – a biggie tour to the Farm Chicks June 5 & 6 show in Spokane!

Note from Lisa: I signed up for the Junk Bus!!!


Barn House said...

Hey Ladies! YOU are coming??? We need to kick it up a notch for that luncheon...oh goodness, here we go. :o)

Lyneen said...

this sounds like a BLAST!

Salvage Studio said...

Hi Barn House will just be me...Beth's hubby Raoul is celebrating his 60th birthday that she has other plans.

Egg Salad sandwiches by you guys would taste like heaven in that beautiful garden...don't worry your heads about kicking anything up a might pull something!


Artsy Fartsy Junkin Finds said...

Found her site, LOVED it!! Janna

junkermidge said...

What a cool concept! I always thought it would be fun to try something like that for the longest garage sale. Glad someone's giving it a go. I'll be sure to check out their website.