Thursday, November 13, 2008

Santa's Workshop

I had to wait until our Holiday Entertaining Event was over before I could get serious about opening Santa's workshop in my home studio and spilling into our kitchen.

It may be messy, but it sure is pretty. Here I am combining all sizes of vintage ornaments into poufy creations.
I am totally smitten with Christmas corsages! Here's a table full of felted wool sweater pieces, vintage leaves, German glass glitter, various bits and bobs.

Here are the first three corsages I made in brighter colors. Each one contains a vintage treasure or two.

I tried some softer colors, and started feeling happier about my combinations.

Then the last one I made is my favorite so far.

All will be waiting for you at the salvage studio on Friday and Saturday.
And as long as I have this organized, big old gorgeous mess on my kitchen and studio tables, I plan to make even more! -- Beth


studio sister lisa said...


KatCollects said...

I am so tempted to head there this weekend before my surgery on Wednesday. You just have to many beautiful things that I want to get my hands on : )

Jana said...

It's amazing how messy crafting can be... Just when I put it all away and clean up, I get another idea and pull it all out again.:)