Saturday, November 15, 2008

Fall cleanup, fun things and family treasures

I got a little bit of fall tidying up done on our deck today. I gathered all of the leaves that had landed there and surrounded three amber glass garden towers I made a few years ago. Besides loving amber glass, I adore the top pieces on each of these. I inherited the little vase, bird and small pitcher from my Aunt Iris. The items sat on a pantry shelf for ages.
After they were incorporated in these garden art pieces, I got to see and enjoy them all the time. These towers also look fab when they are actually in the garden, tucked among some orange and red day lilies.
The hardy fuchsia in this pot is still going strong, and we've had one frost so far this fall. They bloom profusely for months and late into the year, long after other blooming shrubs have called it quits.
Here's a closer look at the swell creations in the pot. All three pieces were made by a local artist, Kim Groff-Harrington - a true recycling queen! -- Beth


Deb said...

With a title like this, I was sure you were posting an update on the garage and all the great things you've uncovered or created as you've been reorganizing it!!! Smile.

junkrescuerbeth said...

Hi Deb,
Hope you weren't too disappointed that there was no further garage progress to disclose. In fact, we back slided/slid? for a couple of weeks, with the arrival of the last pieces of our son's furniture. The good news is my hubby's car is back in the garage, but some of the furniture got smushed into door number two's spot. Maintenance is even challenging these days!

Heidi Ann said...

Wow - those amber glass towers are among the most beautiful and creative sculptures I have EVER seen! What a glorious idea!