Monday, July 21, 2008

Sunday on Vashon Island

Yesterday Lisa and I spoke at the Vashon Island Library on Garden Art from Found Objects, Salvage and Really Good Junk. Thanks to everyone who showed up! It was a great group of people. Of course, we had to fit as many fun things in before and after our "work".
We landed on Vashon a big 45 minutes early and made a beeline to the main drag. This business sign door caught our eye, and we enjoyed visiting their shop filled with colorful, hand painted, vintage wares.

We took a brief holiday from our shopping moratorium and checked out this tempting sale. Hot diggity dog. We scored several swell finds for a grand total of $2.50!

Lucky us - our speaking event was the same weekend as the Vashon Lavender Festival. We visited Fox Farm, owned by Cindy, a gardening friend of ours from the Northwest Perennial Alliance. Cindy has created a wonderland - robust rows of lavender, thriving garden beds and our favorite kind of garden art. She had invited musicians and artists to share their talents for the weekend. These glass flowers, made from assorted vases, bowls, plates and what have you by Mike Urban, were stunning.

Here are two shots of this grouping. The common green glass floral vases have been truly transformed.

How pretty is this blue blossom?!

One of our artgirl friends, Judy, had joined us for our adventure. Here she is surrounded by lavender "Grosso".

The grand finale of our day was a little visit to Judy's cottage right on the water. She is a multi-talented artist. We were smitten with her garden towers. She is fearless with power tools, and has mastered drilling glass.

Her pieces are sturdily connected with threaded rod, and we love her combination of materials.

Hope you got to see some things that made your heart go pitter-pat this weekend. -- Beth and Lisa


Sue said...

I just love those flowers, how clever! Im always thinking of different things to create, and would love to work with glass, but Im so scared of drilling, I dont want to break any.Do you know her technique?

Katherine said...

I am in search of Mike Urban and his beautiful glass flowers. Do you have any way to get a hold of him? My mother saw some of them at the Lavender Farm Tour this summer and I would like to purchase some of them for her. Kitty Jaeger