Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Birds and Blooms Magazine

Our book is featured in the April/May issue of Birds and Blooms Magazine. We haven't seen it yet but Stacy Torino, the editor of the magazine, says it looks "phenomenal". For a sneak peak, you can see one of the projects here.


Teri said...

You two always have so much fun together...how do you do it?

Debi Ward Kennedy said...

Wonderful news, girls!

Shelly said...

Very fun! Let me know if you find out where I can buy a copy!

Cover reminds me of today. The kitty I inherited from my mom when she passed is little, but alas a mighty hunter! Much to my dismay. But it's what they do, right?

I came home after working on the Easter Parade/Bonnet requisitions and when I went to my kitchen sink there was a Robin hiding behind the dish drainer (apparent feathers lead me to this discovery)

Well, I took it out and the wing seemed a bit disheveled and put it in one of the flower boxes below my windows,,,,,,,and I went back an hour later, and apparently it was able to fly away!

Geesh, how can you love nature (birds AND kitties) and also hate its cruelty at times? I'm hopping that robin made it back to it's home nest and well forewarn it's fellow winged friends! ("Stay away from the cats!"

Have a good week,,,,,I'm an hour short of a Parade meeting!!!


Oh,,,,too weird, I'm getting ready to send this and the word verification is "Unest." How ironic!

Cindy Pestka said...

Congrats on the shout-out. Birds and blooms...two of my favorite things. If they added "chocolate" and "beach" it would pretty much be everything I'd ever need...

Lyneen said...

Congrats ladies... how exciting.... will keep my eye out for the magazine!

Lyneen said...

At out Mixed Media Market the magazine was being passed around so each of the vendors could check it out... AWESOME!!!!

jacqm said...

i discovered you from the article in the magazine--now i get to follow you!
i too love salvage art and am looking forward to finding your book, as well as following you here.

Mo Ni said...

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