Saturday, June 27, 2009

Big A** Mess Week

Well Purge Week has turned into Big A** Mess Week around here! This is what my studio work table looks like right now. As I was walking around my (very tidy) neighborhood this morning, I realized sorting and purging the ribbons was just my warm up exercise.

Then I moved onto my files, and consolidated and made contributions to the recycling bin like crazy.

I had an epiphany yesterday - I wasn't going to feel guilty about hoarding anymore, if what I was saving were things I really, really liked. No more hanging on to this stuff that I might like again/and or use "someday".

And another thing I realized was my biggest creative passion is making jewelry these days. So why was I having to cross the room to get to my jump rings, when these shelves of rubber stamps were taking up valuable real estate right by my work table? Jewelry supplies are switching places with rubber stamp supplies.

Staying organized is so much harder for me than getting organized! But I am happy as a clam, to have had the gift of time this week, to question how my studio space has been/has not been working for me, and the opportunity to do something about it.


Condo Blues said...

I stay organized because I'm lazy. I used to let things pile up because I was "too tired" to open up a drawer and put it back in its place. Then things would pile up, drive me nuts and I'd spend a much longer time putting things back in their places. Once I realized that if I took that extra 5 seconds to put something back where it belonged, I'd be able to find it quickly when that next flash of inspiration took and save my self a ton of time just looking for it in a pile of stuff.

Carole said...

That's what I need to do, move jewelry and collage supplies closer to the work table, move other stuff into the closet. I wish I could have it all out and close by my work space, but that's just not feasible.

I'm a very organized person, but where my art supplies are concerned I need some work. lol

LillySue said...

Heehe, you are so funny!! Big A** mess is the story of my life these days! Holly and I moved all our art stuff to our unused living room so we could just have at it when ever we feel like it. Hubs is trying to be patient with our Big Arse mess! Have a wonderful Independence Day!