Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Ideal Bite

photo by Kate Baldwin

Our Rake Wall Organizer project was the Seattle Ideal Bite of the day. Beth and I get our daily dose of Ideal Bite in our email...that is where we found out the phone book tip we shared with you awhile back.

You can vote for this tip and share with a friend. Help share the salvage studio love. We would be much obliged!

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Shopping Golightly said...

Beth, Lisa & Amy: I apologise for coming in on a comment but couldn’t find the contact. You know, I’m getting strange vibes from your site. It’s telling me it wants to join the Petition for National Thrift Store Month. Shhh! Hear it? Lean in close. It’s calling you.
Here’s how it works: 1.) Post a post about National Thrift Store Month or post a quick one linking to The Thrifty Chicks post on February 21st “American Thrift Needs a Strong, Hefty Lift.” 2.) Invite that friendly little petition button along with the link to live on your blog.

In turn: 1.) Salvage Studio is added to the A List of petition backers on the top right of our page. 2.) Salvage Studio is added as a link to the Facebook petition site. 3.) If you’re on Facebook and join the petition, you and Salvage Studio are added as petition officers. 4.) When it become a reality, you’re invited to the party where ever that may be and think of all the awesome celebrations we could host for this month!
It’s a grassroots movement, blog style.
Care to join us?
Ms Shopping Golightly