Saturday, March 14, 2009

Hostess Gift Bonanza

Raoul and I recently made our tacos for a small dinner party. We all laughed as much as we ate! Wowie – it was a heap-o-fun evening.

And the hostess gifts were supremely fab. I recently developed a thing for meat grinders. (Stay tuned for how we plan to repurpose them.) This is a shot of all my loot.

Three new grinders!

One was wrapped in a man’s bow tie. One arrived in the la dee dah Chanel bag with pretty ribbons, and the third was filled with hydrangeas and Easter lovelies. Lisa didn’t receive the memo that it was meat grinder day. Her tasty gift is a tube of handy tomato paste – just the best thing to have on hand in your fridge.

Lucky and grateful us – for our friends who make us laugh and who bring us good junk. -- Beth

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KarenK said...

Oohhhh... I want to know about the meat grinder. I have one out in the garage that I thought I was going to let the boys use as something fun to grind up stuff. But alas, it's still on a shelf, waiting to be used. =-D