Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Shrines of the Times

Saturday's workshop was Cigar Box Shrines. Here are some of the creations from simple wooden cigar boxes, glue, bits of paper and a whole lot of imagination.

Karen's Grandmother

Karalee's Garden Angel

Denise's USA Shrine

Melinda's Peace
(still in process)

Heather's Home

Christie's Harmony

Busy shrine makers gathering supplies.


KatCollects said...

Ohhhh these turned out beautiful! I would have loved to have taken that class. Do you ever redo some of your classes?

beth, lisa and amy said...

thanks...sometimes we do. you can see my sample if you are coming in on Friday.

KatCollects said...

We will be there tomorrow, I am bringing 2 friends who are going to love your store, can't wait!

Linda said...

Oooh...the shrines are lovely and as usual everyone looks like they're having a "swell" time!

Anonymous said...

Using the flash on your camera makes your snap shots look really bad.

beth, lisa and amy said...

Good thing we aren't photographers for a living. Ha! Thanks for the feedback. We are always trying to improve our blog/website.