Friday, August 29, 2008

What we do during the week...

Today Lisa and I did a very fun salvage pick-up. Ellen is the PERFECT customer. She buys stuff, and gives us stuff! How can we lose with that combo?

Here she is with two of her children and some of her fine donations.

Her son, Gunner, is a fine salvager himself. He's showing us this gorgeous brass ship's porthole he rescued. Lisa wondered how soon until he can drive? We dream about the day we can afford a young helper to do the heavy lifting for us. And Gunner already has an eye for the good stuff.

Daughter Anneka was keeping track of their dog, Duke.

Here's another son, Thor, with a lovely metal garden bench minus its' wood seat. Someone in their family apparently borrowed the wood for another project!

Back at the studio, my grandpuppy Burly is helping Aunt Lisa with some pricing. He thought he was going to have a week of vacation with grandpa and grandma while his folks look for a new house in Texas. So far this week, he's helped us do an interview for the Seattle Times, studio chores and his first salvage pick-up! -- Beth

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