Friday, August 1, 2008

The RE Store Rocks!

The only thing better than visiting the RE Store is having them come to your garage and pick up materials you no longer want! One simple phone call (206-297-9119) lead to a visit from Joel #1, to preview my offerings, and let me know what things the RE Store could use. Then this wonderful, big truck showed up in my driveway this morning.

Two really nice guys, Joel #2 and Mike, loaded doors, cabinets and even an extension ladder we no longer needed into it. They offered me a receipt for tax purposes or store credit. I went with the receipt. Store credit was extremely tempting, but since I have this "little problem" with seeing the potential in too many things already, I passed on more potential in my life (and back in our garage).

So here is my garage update. This is the picture I took May 5.

Here is the same view today. Progress!

This is my husband's former parking space. Better.

Here is the middle space. A little better.

The last frontier. Still a mess.

But I have to tell you - these before and after pictures are helping my morale. Obviously, I still have a long way to go. I notice lots of things I have accomplished when I look at the May picture compared to today's. And that feels good. -- Beth

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Apron Thrift Girl said...

How wonderful to see your blog up and to hear about your new book. If you guys are ever this way, email me and we can go thrifting together.