Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Rust for Sale

After broadcasting my goal for an emptier garage yesterday, I started to bring out the "easy" (only needed a light washing with the hose) stuff. And since I have a little/whole lot of OCD stuff in my nature, I just had to arrange the washed things to dry in the driveway in a tidy fashion. Then a funny thing happened. We live in a very quiet cul-de-sac with community covenants galore. My rusty garden art is displayed in our back garden. The only time found objects are in the front is during the daytime while I'm working on them. Anyway, this guy in a pickup truck stops and parks in front of our drive and is interested in the augers. I explained to him they were on the way to the studio to be garden art for sale. He totally got the concept and took a postcard for Saturday's garden art and décor sale (May 10 - 9 a.m. to
5 p.m.). No pre-sales for him, even though he was a nice guy.

Raoul bent lots of rebar into garden stakes, and we planted them in the front garden to grow some rust between now and the sale. They might even have bells hanging from them if I can locate that darn coffee can containing them! -- Beth


Sue said...

I love rusty things in my garden, and I too sell things like that...though they have to appeal to a certain type of person! I love those stakes, great idea, and glass beads on them with bells would catch the sun.I laughed when I saw your garages, I havent even one garage, so you can imagine what my verandahs look like!I did the same thing as you and posted about them, to put pressure on myself to clean them up, before Christmas. But Im afraid they are almost back to being full up!

KarenK said...

I missed the Garden sale on 5/10 (first born's birthday party) and I so want a rebar garden stake bent in the shape of a "K"!