Sunday, February 10, 2008

Portland, Pearl District, Pretty Little Things

Workshops are one of the favorite things I do as part of the salvage studio. Usually I am on the teaching side of the process, but when I can, I love to be the student. This last Friday, I attended an absolutely swell workshop on soldering jewelry charms given by Sally Jean Alexander in her gorgeous studio in the Pearl District of Portland, Oregon. First off, Sally Jean radiates such a

gentle kindness and a generous spirit! She shared so many nuggets of her hard earned knowledge and experience when it comes to soldering.

The class was limited to ten students, which gave us plenty of elbow room and the opportunity to ask a gazillion questions. It was a vibrant group of women from all over – Texas, Rhode Island, California, Idaho, and of course, Washington and Oregon.

Whenever you need a little computer eye candy, please visit her website, and maybe treat yourself to a little something. Her blog, is charming as well. Plus her recent book, Pretty Little Things, is a goldmine of information and ideas.
This afternoon I’ll be practicing my soldering, and maybe some of my soldered creations will start showing up at the salvage studio. In the meantime, I’ll continue to bask in the glow of that really inspiring day! - Beth

Beth soldering away!


Anonymous said...

That sounds awesome Beth. I want to go to the next one! I can’t wait to see what you are working on.

paris parfait said...

Oh, how much fun! I have Sally's book, but haven't yet attempted any of the projects.

Terri said...

I also took a class from Sally last weekend too, but it was the Sunday class, were you the girls that stayed at the Benson Hotel?? Sally was telling us a story about some gals sanding glass in the hall way at the BensoN! Arent her class's the BEST! I have taken several and am so addicted! shes such a sweetheart!

junkrescuerbeth said...

Hi Terry,
Thanks for your comment. This soldering stuff is addictive. The more I do it, the better it looks, so I want to do more! I didn't stay at the Benson, but I certainly would like to one day. As well as take more classes from Sally Jean. Hope we cross paths one day.